Competition: Architecture School located in Tehran- Iran



Registration number: 201100043

Team Members: Fereshteh Shahmiri, Farnaz Shahdoosti, FAtemeh Mardani

Designing a School for the Socially-Aware Education
Held by Socio Design Fundation, Denver, Colorado, USA, 2010
Honorable mentioned project in the field of Responsiveness to Design Demands






Continuity along the Site


- Connection Between Spaces

Composition of Site & City


- Different Access from all around the Site

- Combination of Mass & Void

- Mass Placement causes Different Spaces with different Qualities

Formation of Functional Parts


Creation of 2 Main Zones:

- Educational

- Official


Entangling all Functions


Form Transformation and Encompassing the Open Spaces


Final Development and Formation


Generative Diagrams

Perspectives from different Views

View from Main Entrance


Perspectives from different Views

Functional Diagrams

general Zones:

Official & Educational


Transformation of common functions available for public to serious functions just usable by students.

All related functions are followed by each other and create educational zone coherent and integrated.

Connection between open areas that have different qualities

Main Functions


- Workshops and Studios

- Professional Classes and Offices

- Commen Galleries for public show path

- Fabrication lab and main gallery

Different functions of Educational zones


- Amphiteather

- Official Part/ Classes/ Cafe Gallery

- Library and research hall