TENG Origami

Optimizing 3D Structure for TENG Applications and Exploration of User Interaction with Human Power Generation

#Research project at GT UBICOMP Lab

Focusing on COSMOS (COmputational Skins for Multi-functional Objects and System) research Concept​​

Category: #Energy Harvesting, #Paper Electronics, #Tangible Computing, #User Interfaces, #Self-Powered Sensors, #Triboelectric Nanogenerators
Date: Spring 2017 - present


Triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs) can be used to harvest mechanical energy from human motions, sounds, and structure vibrations. This phenomenon has been applied to paper-based user interactions.  Our project goal is to explore how to amplify the energy generation that can achieved with paper-based TENGs through an exploration of materials and structure and interaction methods. Simple TENGs are made up of thin, paper-like structures stacked together in a way to maximize contact during gestures like tapping, touching, and rubbing. Ultimately the energy harvested from these gestures can be used to actuate LEDs, buzzers, IR transmitters and other low-power devices. 

check the draft here