Human Interaction with Robot through Virtual Reality

#Autodesk Applied Research Lab - Office of the CTO, Pier 9

#Advanced Robotics Intern – Mechatronic/ Software Development Division​

Category: #KUKA, #Robot Learning by Demonstration, #Virtual Reality, #Real-time Communication
Date: Summer 2017


HIRoVR is a platform for Human – Robot Interaction (HRI) through Virtual Reality (VR) in which the main goal is robot learning by demonstration through VR. The project scope is restricted to developing the interface, data streaming and communication methods among three components; human, robot and VR. For reaching to such goal, extensive research and coding has done in setting up virtual environment, robot motion simulation, sensor feedback and signal processing, KUKA robot motion programming, networking and real-time data stream.

our project showcase at Autodesk University November 2017 titled as "Digital Twin" here

More detail about project here