Interactive Armor

An interactive wearable containing several sensors and actuators for playing Laser Tag
Category: #Game #Electronics
Date: 2016
Team Members: Fereshteh shahmiri, Amy Pu, Xiaoxuan Wang, Jian Ruan


Laser Tag is a team based game where players wear light up armor and shoot infrared laser guns to collect points from other players. The armor worn by players is an interactive wearable that contains lights and vibration motors along with infrared sensors that detect hits from infrared signals. This armor also contains rechargeable batteries and connects to a central server to keep score and send notifications to the players. The armor is connected to the laser gun, which contains a modulated infrared laser that emits from the gun when the players fire the weapon. Often there are a limited number of laser blasts until the player needs to recharge at a recharging station.

Prototype Design:

Hardware Part:


Hardware Part:

Circuit Diagram - LED Ring

Circuit Diagram - Main Board

Circuit Diagram - IR sensors

PCB Design and Printing - Main Board

PCB Design and Printing - LED Ring

PCB Design and Printing - IR Sensors

Printing PCB Boards