Party Boat

An interactive system responsive to people moods for a fun party
Category: #Game #Electronics
Date: 2016
Team Members: Fereshteh shahmiri, Diego Osorio



Party Boat is an interactive system consisting of many sensors and actuators available in our lab (IPDL) to attract as much attention as possible by receiving input from the environment and then providing feedback with actuation for having a funny party.

First, an I2C color sensor is used to detect people cloth color and flash that color by DotStar LED Strip. Meanwhile, regarding safety issues, distances between our party boat and obstacles in sea is mapped into DotStar LED Strip’s flashing speed. For doing so, an ultrasonic distance sensor detects mentioned distance. A farther distance, the slower LED flashing and contrarily, a closer distance, the faster flashing. Second, when party guys are dancing and bending, a flex bending sensor maps their bending to a servo motor which turns boat to different paths in sea. There are also, light blinks and speaker buzzes synchronized at a given frequency that are controlled by interacting with a SoftPot. By having such interaction, party boat beat is increased or decreased. It needs to be mentioned that sound can be turned off by pressing the button so that only the light blinks.