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Fall - Winter 2014






Enhancing the Fabrication Planning Add-in | 




Research on PANELIZATION TECHNIQUES, TESSELLATION, and Fabrication of the freeform surfaces by using planar 2dimensional pieces


Development Environment:

Visual Studio 2008, C#, GC script

GenerativeComponents ( GC Core and GC Add-ins for Optimization, Structural, Energy and Inolation Analysis)

PowerPlatform : MicroStation



The Implementation of UnfoldPolygonIntoPlanarStrips Technique

The Implementation of LayoutPolygons Technique

An Example Series to demonstrate how the enhanced FabricationPlanning Techniques are working:



Researched on Structural Analysis |


Enhancing the SMember Node Functionality| 



Development Environment:

Visual Studio 2008, C#, GC script

GenerativeComponents ( GC Core and GC Add-in:  Structural Analysis)

PowerPlatform : MicroStation



Structural Analysis |
The structural analysis model in the initial GC with MDO implementation is a minimal model geared towards providing the STAAD analysis engine with sufficient information to perform structural simulations and return information about the design's structural performance.

Smember Node|
Most relevant participants in structural analysis are the linear members that carry loads from their points of impact on the structure to the foundation.
The SNodes identified as start and end nodes and shared between connected SMembers determine the type of connection between those linear members as Fixed or Pinned. The StartNode and EndNode properties are replicatable.

Reference: GenerativeComponents Documentation



Left: AxialDisplay = False

Right: AxialDisplay = True


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