Project Manager: Hamid Naser Khaki

Designers: Sina Mostafavi, Mohamad Abdolrezazadeh, Fereshteh Shamhiri

Project Location: 121, 10th Boustan st, Pasdaran, Tehran, Iran

March 2011



Although small scale projects may appear simple in design process in first glance, it contains many challanges created by client's demands. Here, the main problem is to design optimum space for each function in a dentistry office. Another issue is accurate connection and interaction between each part. In fact, there is a triangle with three corners of  PATIENT, DENTIST, and SECRETORY (part for check-in and subside survices) that should be defined correctly.


Client's Demands:

3 clinics/ Isolated Part/ Dentists' Office/ Waiting Room/ Secretory/ walking Closets/ Pantry



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