Sensor-based robotic workflow for sorting objects in a pick and placement process
Category: #electronics, #Robotics
Date: 2016



Some existing variables and properties in design to fabrication processes are not prefixed. So, design to fabrication workflow has to be flexible enough in the implementation process to be responsive to the instantaneous changes of variables while robot is running. RoboSort, is about designing an adaptive feedback control system to detect the color of blocks as a variable property and feed these immediate collected values into the developed sorting algorithm and execute a real-time decision-making in an intelligent assembly task.

System Overview:


Handling Digital and Analog IOs ( Inputs and Outputs)

  • An Arduino application reads the analog data of color sensor.

  • Arduino Application returns 2-bit value as digital outputs to the EtherCAT IO System providing RGB values or no color detection.

  • Received digital inputs in EtherCAT IOs terminals, update KRL code and actuate robot arm in doing sort and pick and placement task.

  • Power conversion is done during the process.

Hardware Integration:

Workflow Implementation:

  • Understanding the controlling system

  • Real-time communication between two platforms

  • Pipelining and integration of all involved parts; hardware and software